Child Abuse Reporting Statutes: Connecticut

Child Abuse Reporting Statutes

Connecticut Child Abuse Reporting Statute

Connecticut General Statutes

Title 17A. Social and Human Services and Resources

Chapter 319A. Child Welfare

Part I. Dependent and Neglected Children

  • 17a-101. Protection of children from abuse. Mandated reporters. Educational and training programs

(a) The public policy of this state is: To protect children whose health and welfare may be adversely affected through injury and neglect; to strengthen the family and to make the home safe for children by enhancing the parental capacity for good child care; to provide a temporary or permanent nurturing and safe environment for children when necessary; and for these purposes to require the reporting of suspected child abuse, investigation of such reports by a social agency, and provision of services, where needed, to such child and family.

(b) The following persons shall be mandated reporters: Any physician or surgeon licensed under the provisions of chapter 370, [FN1] any resident physician or intern in any hospital in this state, whether or not so licensed, any registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, medical examiner, dentist, dental hygienist, psychologist, coach of intramural or interscholastic athletics, school superintendent, school teacher, school principal, school guidance counselor, school paraprofessional, school coach, social worker, police officer, juvenile or adult probation officer, juvenile or adult parole officer, member of the clergy, pharmacist, physical therapist, optometrist, chiropractor, podiatrist, mental health professional or physician assistant, any person who is a licensed or certified emergency medical services provider, any person who is a licensed or certified alcohol and drug counselor, any person who is a licensed marital and family therapist, any person who is a sexual assault counselor or a battered women’s counselor as defined in section 52-146k, any person who is a licensed professional counselor, any person who is a licensed foster parent, any person paid to care for a child in any public or private facility, child day care center, group day care home or family day care home licensed by the state, any employee of the Department of Children and Families, any employee of the Department of Public Health who is responsible for the licensing of child day care centers, group day care homes, family day care homes or youth camps, the Child Advocate and any employee of the Office of the Child Advocate.

(c) The Commissioner of Children and Families shall develop an educational training program for the accurate and prompt identification and reporting of child abuse and neglect. Such training program shall be made available to all persons mandated to report child abuse and neglect at various times and locations throughout the state as determined by the Commissioner of Children and Families.

(d) Any mandated reporter, as defined in subsection (b) of this section, who fails to report to the Commissioner of Children and Families pursuant to section 17a-101a shall be required to participate in an educational and training program established by the commissioner. The program may be provided by one or more private organizations approved by the commissioner, provided the entire costs of the program shall be paid from fees charged to the participants, the amount of which shall be subject to the approval of the commissioner.