Child Abuse Reporting Statutes: New Hampshire

Child Abuse Reporting Statutes

New Hampshire Child Abuse Reporting Statute


Title XII. Public Safety and Welfare (Ch. 153 to 174)

Chapter 169-C. Child Protection Act

Reporting Law

169-C:29 Persons Required to Report.

Any physician, surgeon, county medical examiner, psychiatrist, resident, intern, dentist, osteopath, optometrist, chiropractor, psychologist, therapist, registered nurse, hospital personnel (engaged in admission, examination, care and treatment of persons), Christian Science practitioner, teacher, school official, school nurse, school counselor, social worker, day care worker, any other child or foster care worker, law enforcement official, priest, minister, or rabbi or any other person having reason to suspect that a child has been abused or neglected shall report the same in accordance with this chapter.

Updated with laws currently effective August 23, 2010 through Chapter 381 of the 2010 Reg. Sess. and Chapter 1 of the Special Sess., not including changes and corrections made by the State of New Hampshire, Office of Legislative Services