Confidential Clergy Communications Privilege Statutes: Illinois

Confidential Clergy Communications Statutes

Illinois Confidential Clergy Communications Privilege Statute


CHAPTER 735. Civil Procedure.

Act 5. Code of Civil Procedure.

Article VIII. Evidence.

Part 8. Privileged Communications.

  • 5/8-803. Clergy.A clergyman or practitioner of any religious denomination accredited by the religious body to which he or she belongs, shall not be compelled to disclose in any court, or to any administrative board or agency, or to any public officer, a confession or admission made to him or her in his or her professional character or as a spiritual advisor in the course of the discipline enjoined by the rules or practices of such religious body or of the religion which he or she professes, nor be compelled to divulge any information which has been obtained by him or her in such professional character or as such spiritual advisor.