Confidential Clergy Communications Privilege Statutes: Iowa

Confidential Clergy Communications Statutes

Iowa Confidential Clergy Communications Privilege Statute


TITLE XV. Judicial Branch and Judicial Procedures.

Subtitle 3. Civil Procedure.

Chapter 622. Evidence.

General Principles.

  • 622.10 (1) Communications in professional confidence–exceptions–required consent to release of medical records after commencement of legal action– application to court..A practicing attorney, counselor, physician, surgeon, physician assistant, advanced registered nurse practitioner, mental health professional, or the stenographer or confidential clerk of any such person, who obtains information by reason of the person’s employment, or a member of the clergy shall not be allowed, in giving testimony, to disclose any confidential communication properly entrusted to the person in the person’s professional capacity, and necessary and proper to enable the person to discharge the functions of the person’s office according to the usual course of practice or discipline.