Confidential Clergy Communications Privilege Statutes: Michigan

Confidential Clergy Communications Statutes

Michigan Confidential Clergy Communications Privilege Statute


Chapter 600. Revised Judicature Act of 1961.

Chapter 21. Evidence.

  • 600.2156. Minister, priest, Christian Science practitioner not to disclose confessions.No minister of the gospel, or priest of any denomination whatsoever, or duly accredited Christian Science practitioner, shall be allowed to disclose any confessions made to him in his professional character, in the course of discipline enjoined by the rules or practice of such denomination.

Chapter 767. Code of Criminal Procedure.

Chapter 7. Grand Juries, Indictments, Informations, and Proceedings before trial.

  • 767.5a. Privileged communications of news reporter; exception; privileged communications of attorneys, clergy and physicians.Sec. 5a.

(1) A reporter or other person who is involved in the gathering or preparation of news for broadcast or publication shall not be required to disclose the identity of an informant, any unpublished information obtained from an informant, or any unpublished matter or documentation, in whatever manner recorded, relating to a communication with an informant, in any inquiry authorized by this act, except an inquiry for a crime punishable by imprisonment for life when it has been established that the information which is sought is essential to the purpose of the proceeding and that other available sources of the information have been exhausted.

(2) Any communications between attorneys and their clients, between members of the clergy and the members of their respective churches, and between physicians and their patients are hereby declared to be privileged and confidential when those communications were necessary to enable the attorneys, members of the clergy, or physicians to serve as such attorney, member of the clergy, or physician.