Confidential Clergy Communications Privilege Statutes: Pennsylvania

Confidential Clergy Communications Statutes

Pennsylvania Confidential Clergy Communications Privilege Statute


TITLE 42. Judiciary and Judicial Procedure.

Part VI. Actions, Proceedings and Other Matters Generally.

Chapter 59. Depositions and Witnesses.

Subchapter A. Witnesses Generally.

Certain Privileges and Immunities.§ 5943. Confidential communications to clergymen.No clergyman, priest, rabbi or minister of the gospel of any regularly established church or religious organization, except clergymen or ministers, who are self-ordained or who are members of religious organizations in which members other than the leader thereof are deemed clergymen or ministers, who while in the course of his duties has acquired information from any person secretly and in confidence shall be compelled, or allowed without consent of such person, to disclose that information in any legal proceeding, trial or investigation before any government unit.