The 2016 Election Is (Finally) Over. Now What?

If you have watched television in the last few weeks, you may have noticed a pleasant lack of campaign advertisements during your favorite shows.  Whether pleased or disappointed with the outcome, it is time to start thinking about what the 2016 election means for Colorado going forward.  Below, we outline the results of the election […]

A Clean Energy Conundrum

Clean Energy-Mark Davidson
A recent New York Times article (“Windmill and Solar Panels, or Nuclear Reactors”, NY Times, 11/14/16) highlights what could be an interesting dilemma for both developing and industrialized nations seeking to de-carbonize in tandem with the Paris Accord. The article describes the tension between the development of concentrated solar power (CSP) and the potential use […]

Court Approves Volkswagen Partial Consent Decree: Tribes Entitled to $50 Million for NOx Emission Mitigation

On October 25, 2016, the federal district court in the Northern District of California approved the United States’ Amended Consent Decree to resolve claims against German automaker Volkswagen AG and related entities (VW) and to settle allegations of cheating emissions tests, deceiving customers, and excess nitrous oxides (NOx) emissions from VW and Audi diesel engine […]

Western Markets Continue to Get Organized – New Developments

While recent news stories focus on telecom and entertainment giants AT&T and Time Warner exploring a merger that could reshape their respective industries, electric utilities in the Western United States and Mexico are exploring their own economies and efficiencies that may come from participating in or establishing organized electric and transmission markets. Last week, Mexico’s […]

Deregulate or Re-Regulate, That is the Question

Nevada voters will go to the polls November 8 with more than the choice of the country’s next president on their ballot.  A ballot measure supported by the Las Vegas casinos would amend the state constitution to direct the Nevada legislature to create rules enabling the end of monopoly electric utility service.  A second vote […]

Hardrock Mining Financial Assurance Rule Goes to the White House for Review—December 1st Deadline Approaching

EPA’s proposed rule for CERCLA financial assurance for hardrock mining went to the White House last week for OMB review as the December 1st publication deadline set by the D.C. Circuit rapidly approaches. Section 108(b) of CERCLA directs EPA to develop requirements that classes of facilities establish and maintain evidence of financial responsibility consistent with the degree and duration [