IDEA Campus Energy Conference Arriving Soon in Denver

The International District Energy Association’s (IDEA) Campus Energy Conference comes to Denver, Colorado, February 10-13, 2015. The conference program lists a wide range of energy issues that affect campus energy systems. IDEA’s multi-track program includes something for everyone involved in the energy industry. Here’s a sampling of tracks offered at the conference: Master Planning & System Renewal; Combined Heat & Power; Chilled Water Plants & Water Management; Renewables & Microgrids; Thermal Energy Networks; and Campus Resiliency Strategies. More tracks exist should one of the foregoing not satisfy your energy curiosity.

Given that new municipal developments often receive a holistic planning review, much like a campus does, this conference provides a perfect fit for municipalities. By attending, municipal officials can familiarize themselves with energy building blocks like district energy and combined heat and power, each of which can promote economic development, sustainability, city-building, and urban renewal initiatives.

In addition to the primary conference programming, IDEA offers several pre-conference workshops. Workshops feature campus-style thermal distribution system and microgrid and electrical distribution system topics.

While it’s too late to qualify for the “Early Bird’ conference rates, attendees’ return on investment won’t be materially affected by paying the full conference rate. The conference provides attendees the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about energy opportunities that provide the prospect of inuring to the exponential benefit of their communities.

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