New Mexico Public Regulation Commission Denies SunZia’s Proposed $2 Billion High-voltage Transmission Project

On September 5, 2018, by a 4-0 vote, the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission denied SunZia’s proposed $2 billion high-voltage transmission project through seven counties in southern New Mexico.  The Commission relied heavily on the hearing examiner’s recommended decision which found that the location and route for the transmission line lacked sufficient specificity and did not adequately identify and comply with applicable land use statutes and regulations required under Rule 17.9.592.10 of the Public Utility Act.  If it chooses, SunZia can file a motion for reconsideration by the Commission.  SunZia may also file an appeal of the Commission’s decision within 30 days after an application for rehearing has been refused or deemed refused by the Commission’s failure to act on the rehearing.  However, if a rehearing has not been filed, the notice of appeal must be filed within 30 days of the Commission’s final order.   For additional information on the Commission’s decision, see PRC Case No. 18-00049-UT or click here to read the article posted by the Santa Fe New Mexican on September 6, 2018.