Colorado Proposes New Cybersecurity Regulations for Investment Advisors and Broker-Dealers

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies recently published a notice regarding proposed changes to the Colorado Securities Act (the “Proposal”).  This Proposal seeks to add two new rules to the Securities Act (Rule 51-4.8 and 51-4.14), each of which impose various cybersecurity requirements on broker-dealers and investment advisers, respectively.  A redline showing the proposed amend

IoT Retailer Settles Privacy Class Action for $3.75M

The Internet of Things (or “IoT”) is a hot topic in privacy circles, given its rapid expansion among everyday consumer products.  Broadly referring to Internet-connected-devices, the IoT encompasses a variety of consumer goods, such as kitchen appliances (smart ovens and refrigerators), home security, window blinds, light bulbs, and lawn care equipment.  Many personal devices are […]

The Federal Circuit Already Follows ABA and IPO Recommendations

As illustrated by a recent Federal Circuit Decision, the Courts may already be following the recent recommendations of the American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Law (ABA), and the Intellectual Property Owner’s Association (IPO). A portion of the ABA March 25, 2017 recommendation states that with regard to Section 101, patent eligibility shall not […]

Don’t Be Left Flat: Words Matter When Drafting Patent Claims

In Wasica Finance GmbH v. Continental Automotive Systems, Inc., No. 15-2078 (Fed. Cir. 2017), the patentee Wasica Finance discovered, among other things, the importance of using consistent terminology in the patent specification and claims. The patent-in-suit, now expired U.S. Patent No. 5,602,524, is directed to a system for monitoring tire pressure in vehicles. In an […]

User-Generated Content Concerns for Promotional Offerings

Karl Ruthledge - Promotional
Incorporating user-generated content (e.g., video and photo contests) into a promotion can be an effective way to not only build brand awareness but also develop ties with potential customers.  However, use of user-generated content can be risky. In particular, requiring participants to post photos or videos and share such content could not only potentially tarnish […]

Star Athletica, L.L.C. v. Varsity Brands, INC. ET AL.

John Carson Atheltica
On March 22, 2017, the United States Supreme Court issued its decision in the case of Star v. Varsity.  580 U.S.___(2017). The opinion concerned the copyrightability of two-dimensional designs, consisting of various lines and chevrons and colorful shapes, appearing on the surface of cheerleader uniforms.  Justice Thomas, delivering the majority opinion of the Court, opined […]

New Mexico Passes Data Breach Notification Legislation

Shane Olafson Data Breach Blog
Last week, the New Mexico state legislature passed a bill requiring that New Mexico state residents be notified if their non-encrypted “personal identifying information” (including biometric data) is breached. Once the bill is signed into law, New Mexico will join 47 other states with similar notification laws, and the only two hold-outs will be South Dakota and […]